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Arriving Soon


Chase: A Tomorrow Technologies Novella

by Brad McNaughton on 2017-12-08

When a man stumbles from a dark alley, the last face Robert expects to see beneath the long, dirty hair is... his own.

Future Robert was sent back for a dangerous mission. One which he already completed, the details of which he can't reveal without threatening the stability of time. All he wants now is a couch to sleep on, a roof over his head, maybe a couple of bucks until he’s back on his feet. He says don't call him Future Robert, call him Chase.

But as Chase makes his presence felt in Robert's flat, his career, his relationship with Jenny, Robert can't help but ask questions. Like, why would average, afraid of commitment Robert be sent back in time anyway? What world-saving skills could an accountant from Tomorrow Technologies possibly have? Could he really leave the woman he loves behind?
And what does a TV spy called Reilly, and the rapper Lil' Jon, have to do with it all?

Is it possible Chase's mission is not really over?

"A joy to read." - C. Scott Frank, Author of Echo