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The Birth of Sipher

by Brandilyne Beamon on 2018-01-01

My story started on an ordinary day, but who would’ve thought that it would be the end of life as I know it. I cannot explain how it happened, I just know it happened and no matter what I do, it cannot be changed. I must live with who I am or die believing in what I’m not. So, with that said, every story has a beginning and here is mine. I remember the date of my destruction, the date that a girl named Amber was born and died; it was October 25, 2730. I remember the blue-sky overhead that was contrasting to the darkness that was born inside me that day. At the age of 18 you should be recognized as an adult but instead I became a monster destined to destroy evil. I ask for no sympathy, I merely state the truth and for all those who seek to destroy me, well, I’m waiting.