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Disciplining Myyst

by Breanna Hayse on 2018-03-28

From the #1 Best Selling/International Author who Launched the Age-Play Phenemena
Will pain, pleasure, love and trust be enough to empower Ash to fight for Myyst's life and an eternity of love? 
Perhaps—if you believe in fairies… AND the love of a Daddy Dom...

Captain Ashton Myers has one month to find, and tame, a creature believed to be responsible for the Earth’s natural disasters. Failure is NOT an option.
As predicted, his plane loses control while in the Bermuda Triangle where Ash finds himself face to face where the angelic being who's chosen him to be her mates eagerly awaits his arrival. Determined to save her life, Ash decides that, first and foremost, his pretty little fairy-girl needs a Daddy to teach her self-control. Lessons begin with the only method that works when dealing with a stubborn female of any species—good, old-fashioned discipline. He’s also determined to fill every empty part of her existence with human pleasure... by all possible (and impossible) ways.
"I DO believe in fairies!"