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Arriving Soon


Empaths in Conflict: Empathic Communities: Book 3

by Brian Yott on 2018-12-14

A late evening urgent call from a young recruit that he just saw a patient leaving the beds for a corridor has her rushing to follow. This had happened before that a patient in delirium tried to escape their circumstance by trying to escape the wards so she thought nothing of it and hurried down the indicated corridor, turned a corner and stopped. A group of recruits is standing there in a line in front of her and their auras are dark and muddy. Behind her she feels another black aura and gasps at the malevolence as a cloth is thrown over her mouth and nose and inhales the cloying stench of chloroform. “No!,” She thinks and fights as she can feel the intensity of their desire to use her sexually as she is a Roma with no family. She feels herself being dragged into an empty examination room and her clothes being ripped off. With her consciousness fading she is still having some success slowing the attack until a junior officer unsheathes an assault knife and cuts her in the cheek and draws it down to her throat. He fumbles with his belt. With her last conscious thought he moves his off hand to his revolver and stroking the trigger… The gun goes off as blackness seizes her consciousness.