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The Protected: The Higher Powers Series

by Brianna Knight on 2017-11-25

Ellcie never dreamed she would find love, but she found it with Elias. Being raised away from humans, she had only ever known the supernatural life found in the world of Aighta. Ellcie was born human and raised to protect them. Her best friend, Izzy, was born a Protector - a supernatural being more powerful than all others. Ellcie and Izzy were tasked with keeping the human world safe from supernatural beings. It was a task they had been successful at for 14 years. Ellcie's first encounter with a human, a Protected, leads her to living a life among the humans. Searching the Protected world for clues to identify where she came from, she is accompanied by her best friend. Ellcie's quest marks the beginning of supernatural beings re-entering the Protected world. She must keep them out, or die trying.