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Love Your Enemies: MMF Science Fiction Romance

by Brittany Love on 2019-03-28

Nordon is from the planet Alpha, and in search of healthy human females. His planet suffers from infertility problems, and capturing human women to help them breed has become a top priority. While hunting on Earth he stumbles upon one beautiful woman being captured by an Xlon.

Xlons are the enemy of Alphas. They’re brutal and deadly, but Nordon really wants to steal away the beautiful human woman. He gets his chance when the woman escapes the Xlon camp. Nordon grabs her and takes her to his ship.

Unfortunately, Xlons don’t give up easily, and one named Zaldin manages to get the drop on Nordon. When Nordon’s ship is damaged and forced to crash land, the three of them must band together to find another vehicle. Of course, neither male intends to let the other claim the woman.

Along the way, the unlikely trio share a sexual and emotional bond that takes them all by surprise. But Nordon knows better than to trust an Xlon, even if his heart tells him he must.

Standalone bisexual menage romance including MM, MFM, and MMF lovin’. No cheating, no cliffhangers — nothing but the naughty good stuff!