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Arriving Soon


Black Star Run (The Lou Ella Chronicles Book 1)

by Brooke Hodge on 2018-12-25

Fuyumi is running from her past and the Lou Ella is her ticket to freedom. She just has to convince the captain to let her on board without telling him who, and what, she really is. Her family's bounty on her head is enough to turn even the most honorable of spacers into a money-hungry mercenary. If she can hide out on his ship until they reach the Hana Rae spaceport, she can get her weapons and get as far from her family's reach as possible.

There's only one problem. Captain Jason Williston isn't just another dumb spacer. He has secrets of his own and tricks even Fuyumi's contacts didn't anticipate. The more she learns about him, the harder it's going to be to leave him and his ship in her wake.

But if she stays, she'll be risking much more than the lives of Jason and his crew.

The Darkness Within Us (The Dark Dimension Series Book 1)

by Brooke Hodge on 2018-12-07

Normal is not a word Anais would use to describe her life. Destined to take over her father’s company and dealing with strange new abilities that no one can know about, her world is spiraling out of her control.

Kai is the enigmatic commander of an army of warriors bred for battle in an ancient war. He needs Anais, but the secrets he’s keeping could destroy them both. As he prepares her for a war she never knew about, they both develop feelings neither of them expected. But…

In the coldness of space, love is a liability.

The war between two ancient species is about to spill over into colonized space and both need her to secure their victory. One wants her heart and the other wants her soul. Whichever is claimed, the other will break. When the lies and manipulations become too much for her to bear, will she rise above the pressure or become something even more terrifying than the creatures they’re fighting?