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The Olympians: The Beginning of the Future

by Bryon Brittingham on 2019-01-04

The year is 2043. A super-powered team of young men and women have a grave decision to make, whether to turn on their beloved, adopted father. Due to an experiment gone awry, their father had seemingly gone insane. When the world leaders assemble a group of Enhanced beings to stop him, a resulting explosion accidentally hurls them back in time through a traversable wormhole to 2017. Ordinarily, they used the wormholes as a means to transport themselves to any location on Earth. However, this time it strands them in the past, years before any of them were even born. They are all eager to return to their own time to find out if their father is alive or dead but none of them have the knowledge that might help them return. So now they are forced to endanger their own future and seek the assistance of the only person who might be able to help them, the younger version of their father. However, they find this man does not command the genius of the man they know in 2043. Without the slightest inkling of how his future-self was able to develop wormhole travel and with only 12 days to find the answers they seek, it’s a race against time to discover how and why they were thrown back into the past.