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The Janus Girl — The Complete Series

by C L Schock on 2017-12-19

Collecting The Janus Girl, The Janus Path, and The Janus Hunt into a single continuous story —

College-bound Marisa Palmer has big plans, but can they survive a generations-old conspiracy and the revelation that she isn’t the person she always thought herself to be?

Imagine yourself the victim of an environmental catastrophe. Imagine the world becoming uninhabitable to you—your only recourse a lonely trek to the stars twinkling overhead. Is this the future?

For the remnants of the Trada, it’s the past—a legacy of hardship not unlike many immigrant stories. It’s a story of courage and sacrifice—the story of a harrowing journey across the bleak black void to a shiny blue marble so similar and yet so different from your home. It’s your story and the story of your children and grandchildren. But how to tell that story?

Ah, there’s the rub. For how do you retain your culture and your identity when living side by side with natives of this thriving orb whose world would be shaken to the core by the revelation that you even exist? How do you communicate, associate, organize when every member of your species holds the key to destroying your peace?

Now imagine you’re an eighteen-year-old woman fairly bursting at the prospect of taking on the world. Your future is a blank slate and anything is possible—or at least any imaginable thing. It is a big world, after all, but a familiar one. You know who you are, who your family is, where you’re going. You’re Marisa Palmer. You have a devoted doting father. You have stories of a mother who was the light of his life until it was lost bringing your light into the world. You have friends. You have ambitions. You have dreams.

If you are Marisa Palmer, you’re a lot of things: a fierce friend, a dutiful daughter, perhaps a little clumsy. Oh, and one more thing—you’re normal. Very, very normal. Certainly, you could have nothing in common with a star-trekking band of nomads from a faint dot in the night sky.

Or maybe you have everything in common. You’re both survivors, after all. And you’re both willing to go to great lengths to secure your place in the world and protect those you hold dear. How far will either of you have to go to protect your secrets and your future? When you know who you are, anything is possible—sometimes even the unimaginable.

The Janus Hunt (The Janus Girl Book 3)

by C L Schock on 2017-12-18

Marisa Palmer now knows the truth--the many truths that together make her The Janus Girl, a bridge between two worlds and two cultures. But will the truth set her free? Or will it set those worlds on a collision course that threatens to destroy everyone she cares about--old friends and a new love?

And can a journey to a home she has never visited hope to set things right? Or will her legacy--one built from secrets and deception--doom them all? In this finale to Marisa's origin story, as lies told in fear and with malice commingle with those told in love, only time will tell which are more dangerous.