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Arriving Soon



by C. A. Lootens on 2017-09-20

Modern society is undergoing an evolutionary “quickening,” where humans are becoming electromagnetically hypersensitive to their own technology. Jarrod Denny Thurston, or "Denim" feels like "normal" never existed in the first place. Denim, a midwestern, PTSD-haunted man, has given up on love a long time ago. However, his midnight game changer comes when he loses his EMT job, wrecks his truck in a cryptic twist of events, and then stumbles onto a strange city bus to hitch a ride home.

As their seat-gripping transit unfolds, Denim and the other hostages become certain of two things: their driver isn't human, and where they're headed might be out of this world. Denim must find a way to transcend his inner demons to help save them all…including the quixotic, young scholar he never expects to fall in love with.