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Strangers In a Strange Land Episode 6

by C. B. Maurice on 2018-09-28

As the crisis passes, suspicion remains. Saida's high temperature left her confused, paranoid, and unable to command. Daig, who had chicken pox as a child, is exhausted from running things for the last two weeks, but many of the Baili and Hiberni feel that he should remain in power. Then Livy discovers the fortress is running very low on food supplies. As she and Daig try to figure out how to get more food, Saida is attacked by two Hiberni who want her out of the way permanently and food appears outside the village and the fortress gates.

Strangers In a Strange Land Episode 5

by C. B. Maurice on 2018-09-21

A shameful illness arrives with a group of refugees, but before Aine and Daig can contain it, it leaps to the groups with little or no immunity. Suspicion and fear threaten to tear the rebellion apart before Livy, Jessie, and Kevin realize that the "shameful illness" is chicken pox and are able to bring some sanity to the situation.

Strangers In a Strange Land Episode 4

by C. B. Maurice on 2018-09-14

Saida gives Livy permission to go to the village in search of materials to decipher the Vendae language, but just after they leave, a flood of refugees arrive and Daig is called back to the fortress to deal with them. When the refugees are moved to the village rioting breaks out because some groups feel that others are getting preferential treatment.

Strangers In a Strange Land Episode 3

by C. B. Maurice on 2018-09-07

In a visit to the villages, Livy, Jessie, and Kevin figure out how to turn on the defensive shield and discover new enemies, but don't get any closer to understanding why one village is in so much better condition than the other.