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Arriving Soon


Escape the Machine: Dystopian Suspense (Avant Nation Book 2)

by C. D. Verhoff on 2017-08-31

The mission behind enemy lines is over, but Clara’s heart-pumping adventure continues in book two of the Avant Nation series.

Back at home in Avantica, Clara and Hawk are lauded as the heroes who ended the war. Their victory has proven once-and-for-all that traditionally conceived people are on the path to extinction, while their genetically engineered superiors are destined to rule the world. However, Clara has come to know the downside of biotechnology and wonders if she did the right thing. Tired of her newfound fame, and the way the government is monitoring her every move, she hatches a plan to join her sister, Simone, on the secret island refuge. However, the information she stole from Crick’s lab has resurfaced, threatening to pull her into a dangerous conspiracy to overthrow the government. Will Clara stick around or make the dash toward freedom?