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Arriving Soon


Romancing the Weird (Weird Short Fiction Book 1)

by C.D. Watson on 2019-04-19

What if love awaits not around the corner, but in a parallel reality, at the edge of the universe, or through the looking glass?

In this collection of short stories, explore love from eight different angles of weird, fantastical, and out of this world.

"Tiny Moments." A woman envisions her lover in the reflections surrounding her, and must choose between his memory and the life she created after his death.

"Our Song." The smallest moments contain a lifetime of hope.

"Brian." Sometimes love exists right under our noses. We just need a push to find it.

"A Mutual Feeling." Killed every day for a crime she didn't commit and reborn again the next. Alice Humboldt has a perfect life, but that perfect life is beginning to crumble around the edges, revealing truths about herself that she must find the courage to face.

"A Lover's Kiss." Even Death needs love.

"Time after Time." After discovering a love note in the margins of a book, Lula is torn between the plans she's made for herself, and the love of a mysterious stranger.

"Intersections." One man. A thousand different futures. Livy has run from her destiny for so long, she has no idea what to do when fate forces her hand.

"Small Talk in Elevators." AI 1032 just wants her favorite human to be HAPPy. What harm could a little matchmaking do?

A Mutual Feeling

by C.D. Watson on 2017-11-17

Killed every day for a crime she didn't commit, and reborn again the next.

Alice Humboldt has a perfect life. She spends her days cooking for her family, tending her infant daughter, and socializing with her neighbors, and thinks nothing of her existence outside the roles she plays.

Until an icy-eyed police officer knocks on her door and accuses her of being a terrorist.

As Alice's world crumbles around her, she's forced to confront the truth of her own existence: Is she as real as she feels? Or is she merely a product of someone's imagination, a programmed character in a video game?

And if she's just a character, what is she going to do about it?