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Arriving Soon


Far Away From Earth (Rumian Galaxy Book 1)

by C.L. Hill on 2017-08-30

What would you do if one day you woke up, and you were no longer on Earth, and it is three hundred years in the future?

Kara Kinsley's chopper goes down in a crash, only for her to wake up in a slave market on Hermion Five. She has no memories of how she ended up so far away from Earth, in a time that is not her own.
As she chases her past, trying to solve the mystery of her existence, it's a fight for her life.
She has to survive the horrors of a forest on Wildermera, the glittering Askani court, with dangers lurking in every shadowy corner from its elites, and a past with so many ghosts she had not known existed.
At her side is a female warrior who's one of the last of her kind. After saving Kara's life, she becomes a great friend and one of her closest allies.
A rebel princess who'd rather be traveling across the universe hunting bounties, and creating near disasters rather than sitting in a sedate ballroom, sipping gamine.
And a hulking beast of a commander leading an army of millions, so he thinks he's the boss of Kara, ordering her around at every turn until she can't tell whether she rather kiss him or kill him.

Some things should remain forgotten, but what Kara does not recall may just lead to the biggest fight of her life yet.

*Though this book is part of a series, it can be read as a Standalone novel.*