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Desire The Stars (Desire The Stars Trilogy Book 1)

by C.M. Herndon on 2019-03-08

The Cunning Captain...

As a Victeran warrior, Jorsen has been trained since birth to be an indomitable soldier. He gives no mercy and takes what he wants either through fighting or manipulation. Hired by the Overseers of Universal Peace to stop illegal slave trade, he rescues Shera on a whim to get her out of his enemy’s hands. Despite their clashing morals and opinions, Jorsen appreciates her willingness to stand up to him and finds himself drawn to her. When her life falls under threat from the people he’s trying to take down, he’ll have to make the hardest choice a warrior can make: surrender to save Shera’s life or let her die?

A Reckless Heart...

Loyal to a fault, Shera fearlessly follows her brother into enemy territory, gets captured, ges rescued, and lands herself on the ship of the most famed−and fierce−warrior in the universe. At first she’s terrified of the Victerans, a race known for their brutality in war, but Jorsen isn’t at war. In fact, he agrees to help her search for her brother who was lost to the slave trade he’s been working to destroy. The more she gets to know him she can’t help but wonder if there’s more to this man than just a vicious reputation.

A Trivial Pursuit...

With their paths inexplicably aligned, Jorsen and Shera must learn to set aside their cultural differences and unite or risk losing everything, including each other and the bond they’ve formed. One thing is certain, as this mission takes them across the stars, nothing will ever be the same.

Desire The Stars is the first in the next scifi-romance trilogy set in the Ektos Universe, to discover more novels set in this fantastical world, see the Defiant Trilogy by bestselling author C.M. Herndon.

Defiant : Signed Edition (The Defiant Trilogy Book 1)

by C.M. Herndon on 2018-04-05

NOTE: This is the Digitally Signed Edition of Defiant, Book 1 of the Defiant Trilogy.
This version is exactly the same as the original Defiant Novel, no content has been changed. It is the same enjoyable experience with a digital signature, courtesy of C.M. Herndon.

Welcome to the Ektos universe

A Sarcastic Criminal…
Locked away in a maximum security prison on an artificial planet, the last thing Faelan expected was a prince to come begging for her help. She accepts his deal in exchange for her freedom, but even more unexpected are the feelings she comes to have for Prince Virion. In order to help him, she’ll have to face her past and return to the world of betrayal that landed her behind bars, including the man that got her tortured and arrested.

A Troubled Prince…
Virion will do anything to bring his little sister home, including resorting to criminal means. Releasing Faelan is only the start, disobeying his king—and father—not even the half of it. He soon discovers, however, that Faelan isn’t as bad as her reputation makes her out to be. True to her word, she helps him, but more than that she gives him hope.

A Kidnapped Princess…
As the trail takes them deeper into space where no one but criminals like Faelan have gone and survived, Virion will desperately need Faelan’s skill and guidance. Can they find his sister in time or is it already too late?

DEFIANT is a Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance and is the first novel in the Defiant Trilogy.

Havoc (Defiant Trilogy Book 3)

by C.M. Herndon on 2018-03-06

A Fierce Protector…

All Faelan ever wanted was a home and family but the Santain soldiers snatched that away from her. Fighting against her inner desires to get revenge, she leaves everything—and everyone—behind in search of the missing Santain heir. It is her hope that he’ll help her end the brutal war between their people, as well as provide answers to a heritage that she lost long ago when she was abandoned on the streets as a baby.

A Determined Warrior…

Virion has spent weeks waiting on news from Faelan, but with hope quickly fading, he has no choice but to accept that she’s not coming back. Putting all his focus into saving Callana, he works to build alliances with other nations. Some of them are hesitant to choose a side, however, Santain’s rabid thirst for more territory is spreading, threatening the whole of Ektos. If he can gain the cooperation of other planets, he’ll create the largest alliance the universe has ever seen and have enough troops to take back his home planet from enemy hands.

A Ruthless Ruler...

As several worlds are yanked into the war, Faelan and the aid she brings to Virion may be their only chance against Santain’s merciless leader. When she is inadvertently captured and finally comes face to face with her greatest rival, can she manage one last escape or is she and Callana lost forever?

Havoc is the conclusion to the bestselling Defiant Trilogy