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Anthriel: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Kanosian Warriors Book 1)

by C.R Corbin on 2019-06-15

Being stuck on a dangerous lunar world with a muscle-bound Kanosian warrior did have its benefits. Especially when the same Kanosian is dead set on claiming you as his mate.


He certainly didn’t make a good first impression.

Who was he? An arrogant, aggressive, and muscle-bound Kanosian warrior that’s dead set on claiming me as his mate.
Now I have no choice but to be alone with him after we’re trapped inside the caverns of Medama, caverns that are beginning to make some pretty strange and harrowing noises.
And as we’re finding our way out i’m a bit ashamed to say that i’m beginning to come around on the idea of him...claiming me.


She would be my mate, it was only a matter of time before I could feel that curvaceous and absolutely lustful human body of her’s.
This strange collapse has granted me another chance to change her mind, but there is also the matter of those animalistic sounds coming from deep inside of these caverns.
Sounds that tell my warrior instinct that these caverns are anything but safe.

Now she looks to me for protection with a degree of reluctance...and also a degree of growing affection.
And I will slay whatever manner of monster and surmount any challenge, if it means that she shall be safe and that she shall be mine.

The first in a new series of books featuring powerful alien warriors and a BBW as their mate. Each book is a standalone with NO cheating, NO cliffhangers, and a HEA guaranteed!

Kelian: A Sci Fi Alien Romance

by C.R Corbin on 2019-04-06

With a dead end job and men refusing to date her because of her curvy body, Penny’s life wasn’t in the best of spots. However, when she is captured by a group of mysterious soldier’s related to her father’s death, her salvation comes in the form of a handsome alien with golden eyes, deadly skill, and an incredible body to boot.

Kelian came to Earth seeking fortune, but once he crashes and is tortured by humans and the Trezodian Empire, his stay takes a strange turn as he is bound to Penny by an honor pact. A pact that binds him to protect her, protective feelings that soon take a passionate turn as he soon discovers that she might be the mate that he has been looking for all his life, the mate that could mean hope for his species.

The two traverse the continental United States to seek out Kelian’s emergency supply pod, a trip that will bring the two of them closer together in lust, passion, and finally love.

But this budding relationship is threatened by their own inner demons and dark forces seeking to split the two and drive them to a fate worse than death.

Can Kelian and Penny survive? Or shall their love perish with them?

This is a standalone sci-fi romance novel with NO cliffhangers, NO cheating, and a happy ending.

Taken by The Alien Outlaw: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

by C.R Corbin on 2019-03-07

A spunky scavenger looking for a way out. A vigilante with a tragic past. Can a journey to safe haven unlock the gates around hearts?

Rebecca didn't think much of the brooding man across her cell, that is until a prison riot forces the two of them together in a journey to survive. A journey that will bring the two of them together and ignite a passion that tests old emotional wounds.

Volza, a captain of the Hitozian military turned vengeful vigilante, frees Rebecca in a moment of weakness. A moment that soon cracks his stone heart and forces him to confront a growing passion for her as the two traverse half the galaxy to escape bounty hunters on his trail, hunters that could destroy this blooming passion and his newfound mate.

Will love blossom between the two despite everything working against them? Or will Volza's past come back to haunt him once more?

Falling for The Red Planet Prince: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

by C.R Corbin on 2019-03-05

Lillian Iverson's life as an astronaut usually consisted of easy hook-ups, that is until she is selected for a special mission towards Mars on a trip that will put her on a crash course with a certain prince. An encounter that will lead to passion, heartbreak, turmoil, and love.

Vislan, a disillusioned yet dutiful heir to the throne who defers far more attention to hedonism than the throne is charged with being Lillian's guide, a role vindicated by their quick friendship as the two find solace in "fun" with the prince showing off all the tantalizing wonders that his planet can offer.

This friendship quickly grows into something more, however, and the two are confronted with their own personal demons. Vislan, granted the choice between his growing affections or his throne, and Lillian, who is challenged by the demons of failed loves past before she can finally free her heart.

Will their love bloom? Or shall it be buried underneath the vermillion sands?
No matter the choice there is sure to be an eruption of passion, heartbreak, and love on the red planet.

The Distance Between Stars

by C.R Corbin on 2018-03-24

Jenny was a down on her luck girl, working a boring 9 to 5 job with nowhere to go.
Taking pity on her, a mighty half human half alien soldier by the name of Azzan takes pity on her and takes her onto his ship.
Although she is at first hesitant to let herself fall for this exceptionally handsome man, she can't help herself.
And when the soldier himself realizes and tries to make sense of his newfound feelings in conjunction with his complicated past, the two of them find that they need each other, desperately.
But what forces lurk in the night of space to threaten their love.
The forces of traditionalism threaten to sever the relationship between captor and captive.
What will this girl next door from Earth and a god among the stars do?
Read and find out!