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Luckinom: The Conclusion of The Advancement of Captain Poshentar (Luckinom Series Book 2)

by C.R. Lea on 2018-04-20

The war continues. Dean Poshentar and Abing Opay now must face the side that didn't win, but didn't lose either, the Empire of Rupland. The Commonwealth of the known universe will only trade with a clear winner - and who wants to travel for four years to space polluted, space mined LUCKINOM? The Advancement of Captain Poshentar (book one) continues on the ground and other places that a Space Tank Captain never thought he would be.

The never ending search for the truth, and why it shouldn't be made known corrupts everything in this post apocalyptic thriller. An old world buried in the ashes of a war it started tries not to die, by remembering the lessons of the extinct planet earth.