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Betrayal in the Robot Dawn

by C.W. Crowe on 2017-09-30

This second book in the Robot Dawn series takes place sixteen years after the events in the first one. Lucy and Leo are now elder statesmen in the last large human settlement of Ft. Smith, Arkansas, and they have two children who play a very large role in the story. For many years, the population of Ft. Smith worked to restore civilization after it had been destroyed by the rampaging robots.
The story opens with a town-wide party to commemorate what the robots had done and to celebrate their success in building their town up to a thriving population of 3000 souls. Everyone takes advantage of the day off - even the town's teenage kids who sneak outside the fence that surrounds the town to having their own private bash. They plan to swim and dance away from their parents eyes and they are enjoying themselves under the full moon when something passes silently overhead and blocks out the light.
They then hear sounds in the darkness as something moves towards them . . .
Betrayal in the Robot Dawn is 100% suitable for all ages. It's an exciting read with SciFi elements, but it's not really science fiction. It's got romance and action and heartbreak and a bratty younger brother along with - of course - a raptor or two.
Filled with new and lifelike characters, Betrayal in the Robot Dawn will have the reader wanting the next book in the series.