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Lord of Silver Ridge: Invasion from the Precipice of Forever

by Camelia Bleu on 2017-08-26

The town Silver Ridge is about to become a battlefield. What starts as a stubborn man's attempt to pull his struggling family over the poverty line pits one kind of brute force against another, more sophisticated power. On one side is King, a genius psychopath with titanium teeth in mockery of a movie idol and a fanatical cult of followers. On the other side is Billy Trevor, a young, wealthy engineer with too much time and too many lethal resources at hand, blindly focused upon the girl who has caused him his devastation, but who will rescue him at the end of time. Between the two of them lies every hapless other man, woman, and child who calls Silver Ridge home, free to choose a certain evil against an unlikely and improbable good, all confronted by an ominous destiny swallowing one Appalacian town, and then the entire world.

Liquid Diet

by Camelia Bleu on 2017-08-25

Melissa is a difficult child who drinks milk, but she won't eat, a schoolgirl obsessed with a neighborhood boy caught burning clothes she fears were removed from a missing hitchhiker.

Challenging Troy attracts his attention and startles the young man. He has never so much as recognized Melissa’s existence until now. Now, she has become an astonishing hazard to his secretive existence.

Melissa should not be posing a trip hazard in his life, unless she is not who or what she seems to be. If she is the same as he, a predator raised in a human family and feeding upon the life blood of the community, their clumsy and escalating encounters with one another in the night threaten to engulf the small town of Hanesburg in horror, expose their existence, and end their lives at the hands of panicking prey.

The Vandalien Artifact

by Camelia Bleu on 2017-08-25

If Samantha Vandalien acquires an alien artifact from a UFO encounter and both the government and local criminal elements consider it little more than a priceless trinket, benefactors may be watching, judging, evaluating. What lessons will be learned in the end when parties loyal to alien benefactors are told of the true nature of the gift? Will we ever be able to make use of it, or have not enough millennia passed between us and our primate cousins to achieve an end so noble?


by Camelia Bleu on 2017-08-25

Ten thousand years from now, in the far reaches of our galaxy, a human outpost has lost control of its machine intelligence. A war eight centuries in the past pitted humanity against a radiation-damaged AI that no longer recognizes its creator and leaves remnants of each faction at eternal odds with one another.

Young Myla Rhodes is a Naturalist, a Nat, her parents murdered by the Chineen Hive. Overlord Khalin Nome has desperately tried and failed to convince Myla to use the avatar he has created for her for her own safety, although the excessive extent of his upset is suspect. What can he be hiding from the nine cities? When Myla wanders off and is attacked by the Hive, she escapes and she survives with both the Hive and Covonia in pursuit, one faction intent upon destroying her and the other to rescue and hide both her and the terrible secret to her survival.

The nine cities panic, suspecting that Overload Nome has harbored a forbidden biochemistry that once gave birth to a super-human that brought the Chineen Hive to its knees, but at a terrible cost of human lives. Open warfare ensues once again, an interstellar battle in which nobody is certain from which direction or source a death blow may strike. The nine cities are hoping an innocent child has died and worthy of grief, but dreading the suspicious power that is leaving devastation in its wake among the stars. As for Myla, nicknamed Mothwing by a lost father, she wants only to survive and, with quiet desperation, to be nothing more than the child she thought herself to be.

The Human Touch

by Camelia Bleu on 2017-08-25

Highly advanced beings keep tabs on the universe and have ways of confirming their understanding of what they learn about newly discovered forms of life. A probe arrives upon our world, its task to catalog life and substantiate its findings of the dominant life-form. To show that the probe understands sentient humanity, it must create a living human specimen acceptable to its peers.

Unfortunately, it approaches its strategy blind to one trivial blind spot. It has a boy and his memories of a dead mother to work with, but among humans, there are problems returning the dead to life and expecting instant and complete acceptance of a miraculous gift. Even veritable gods sometimes come close to taking on more than they can handle, but they become close to human themselves when they try hard enough.

Caterpillar: A Horror Story

by Camelia Bleu on 2017-08-25

Night after night, as the Earth turns beneath, they rain from the sky, fiery green bolides, meter-length rocks raging through the atmosphere and impacting the Earth, incandescent, but cracking open and frosting over as the cold of deep space seeps to the surface.

Something writhes within. Caitlin Kingsley finds one at age eighteen during a coming-of-age crisis, a larvae that bites her, drugs her, and when she awakens, a large cocoon has attached itself to her stomach. She frees herself in panic, but a strange hunger draws her back to the enigma, and when the cocoon ruptures, a caterpillar emerges, a lovely harbinger of addiction for herself and death for anyone she encounters in the wilderness of the Appalachians.

The caterpillar decimates Caitlin’s relationship with her caregiver, an abusive, alcoholic sheriff of Brighton county. It repels the man she loves, deputy sheriff Rex Hogan. Friends and family die in horror and agony at the bite of her caterpillar. Bitter enemies are others like herself, addicted, indestructible, desperate, and insane.

Caitlin struggles furiously to survive in a world gone mad, until it grows cold as well, and dark and silent, because, overheard, the stars are winking out, one by one.

Many Worlds: Entangled Lives

by Camelia Bleu on 2017-08-25

Sarah Young, brown-eyed Jungian psychoanalyst, suffers a malaise that threatens death by her own hand. Kevin Eckhart, paper salesman from the East Coast, is having nightmares featuring a green-eyed Sarah Young and begins a maniacal campaign to kill the wrong woman. Mark Kant, psychological researcher, stage hypnotist and magician, is having issues with his staff and volunteers over the subjective nature of their research into shared lucid dreaming. And Janice Prentice, medium extraordinaire, is terrified of her trance personality, Morpheus, who holds the key to more secrets of the nature of reality than any of them dare acknowledge.

Do we live in a world of events that manifest but one possibility out of all possibilities, or are space-time realities a subset of a continuum in which all possibilities are manifest simultaneously in many worlds? Is anything possible happening somewhere?

Imagine waking up in the wrong world some morning to discover that the drama of your life has a depth and complexity you would never have imagined. Imagine that your interlinked worlds render death a practical impossibility. Sanity and stability would become absolute essentials to prevent conscious existence from plunging into a nightmare of endless nightmares.

Maligoth: Lord of Monsters

by Camelia Bleu on 2017-08-24

Sixty-million years ago, an asteroid spelled the end of the dinosaurs. The eons-ancient bio-geneticist responsible for Earth's ecology at that time was heart-broken, left with desolation, and his ruined creation displaced by the rise of mammals.

Not often are such advanced beings criminal, but Maligoth skirts the rules and commandeers an empty parallel Earth, and, seeing as Homo sapiens closely match his future hopes for evolved dinosaurs, he abducts the inhabitants of a small town and spirits them away for some clandestine genetic engineering.

Lovely teenage Sasha Abdul and her klutzy boyfriend Wallace are conscripted to help resolve the crisis by a large talking grasshopper, an apparition of the Stik. Are they innocent children pitted against a deranged god, or has Sasha already been tainted by an abduction she escaped under the most mysterious of circumstances? Is her strange behavior symptomatic of her metamorphosis into something more that human?

Wallace will fight to the death for her, and for Melony as well, the government agent sent to help Wallace and to ferret out information humanity needs to save itself.

Can mere humans hope to pit themselves against veritable gods? Perhaps. After all, humans are routinely bested by mice in the walls, and the reptilian end product of Maligoth's tampering are none too pleased themselves when their violent nature ends in thermonuclear war and looming extinction in their parallel world. They seek refuge in our world, but nobody particularly enjoys the thought of bringing Maligoth along with. Time to run and hide for all concerned given that threat. The epitome of monsters is on the loose and drawing closer by the moment.