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Amnesia: The Adrsta Chronicles - Book One

by Canada Jackson on 2019-02-03

"When you can't trust your own mind...."

They call him a monster, a universal terrorist, a man driven to possess, conquer and destroy. Incapable of love and devoid of compassion, Amber calls him 'husband.'

Amber wakes up on a planet she doesn't recognize, with a memory that will not return. The stranger at her side claims to know her, and is her only defense against the hostile elements and creatures they are confronted with as they move towards a place of safety. She has no choice but to trust him despite the deep-seated feeling that something is amiss and he is her enemy, not her savior.

When the pieces of her fragmented mind begin to slowly return, each revelation is more shocking than the last, plummeting her into foreign worlds ruled by beings that defy the depths of her imagination.

Grappling with the knowledge of a new solar system and the existence of magic would be difficult enough for the amnesiac, but Amber cannot fathom the choices she has made, the allegiances she has struck and her obscure role in the lives of those who claim to love her.

AMNESIA is Book One of "The ADRSTA Chronicles", a hybrid series for those who like stories about magic and fantasy but also love the intrigue of sci-fi with exciting intergalactic tales. A discerning reader’s “romance, sci-fi, and fantasy” pick. Spaceships, frightening aliens, magical creatures, realms of fantasy and sorcery, and lots of love and simmering sex too!