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Saving Ila

by Cara Owens on 2018-01-24

When seduction fails, he turns to abduction

Get your Romance fix NOW with this tantalizing short story between Alpha Male and BBW!


***Saving Ila***
I was hired to track down to kids from Arizona who were trying to start their own business on my boss’s turf. They were light weights; the type of guys who think organized crime is something only in the movies. Something that doesn’t touch their pretty suburban lives, but then I walked into their lives and showed them gangsters are real and don’t like having their revenue flow screwed with.

Through my “encounter” with the young punks, I meet Ila. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman. She’s smart, sexy, and twenty years younger than me. But just as soon as she comes storming into my life, she’s gone just as quickly, and I start to suspect that her departure isn’t by choice.

I begin tracking down Ila, and my search leads me to the deserts of Southern Arizona where I run headlong into the people the young punks were working for: A devious sex cult that has a taste for the type of young women that my Ila is and are bent on recruiting as many of them as they can get their greedy hands on. I can only hope that I’m not too late to save Ila from them?

WARNING: This Book Will Fill You With Intense and Relentless Sexual Desire. Intended for Adult Audiences Only! Read at Your Own Risk.