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Exquisite Possession: A Dark Scifi Romance (The Machinery of Desire Book 4)

by Cari Silverwood on 2019-01-01

A mech in love is capable of truly dangerous things.

On the day JI finds Fern, the human female stabbed by the judge, she shoots him, twice.

Though he was once a three-story battle mech, JI is now a man, with a man's desires. How eagerly Fern climaxes when held down, leashed, and stimulated, or taken roughly from behind.

He needs to study her ... 

War intervenes. If no one opposes him, the judge will litter the land with the dead and have his final, perverted revenge on Fern.

But what can an ex-battle mech do when he's merely a man, apart from beat the ground with his fists and scream?

Love will surely transcend this evil, or at least show JI how to tear the judge, limb from limb.

This is a dark romance and includes rough, kinky sexual scenes. If you don't understand where dark stories can go, this might not be for you.

This is the last book in The Machinery of Desire series.
Though it is possible there will be spin-off stories, they won't be part of the series.

Blade (Dark Monster Fantasy Book 3)

by Cari Silverwood on 2018-10-04

When irresistible force meets irresistible girl more than sparks will fly - fur, spiky bits, and possibly tentacles.

Ledderik is a slightly homicidal cyborg and is ready to lose himself in a virtual world for the rest of his tomorrows, until he saves Thorn from death and gets sucked into the wake of her cataclysmic siren attraction.
Maybe life can be fun?
Besides, she has such a cute ... tail.

One small problem, Led no longer owns his body.

Thorn has also lost everything in one day. Cross out being a starship captain or her own species, or having friends. Instead she's been cursed with being a hurricane force sexual magnet.

She has questions.
Why is she a biohazard on most reputable planets and how can she avoid triggering an extinction event and killing every male nearby? The two of them cross the galaxy, with Led swapping from loaner body to loaner body.

He's the one male who can resist her, and he's upskilling.
Up against the wall? Upside down? With tentacles and DD drilling power? Led is good at what he does. Always.

Meet the hot ex-cyborg who no longer looks in the mirror, in case his latest loaner body is ugly. He has one priority - make sure the downstairs department is BIG.

This is a standalone story.

Warning. This story may contain robots, cyborgs, dark naughtiness, and species that come equipped with extra wriggly bits.

Steel: Dark Monster Capture Fantasy (Dark Monster Fantasy Book 2)

by Cari Silverwood on 2018-06-30

Baz Rutland

A lost soul, a cyborg in search of a future, but what does a man really need to be perfect again?


A Principle Data extraction expert employed by CESS Industries - a princess in lay terms. She's in search of her past and her parents but who is she really? If she ever finds out who killed her parents, she will rain destruction down upon them, in some nerd-geek way, like by remote-opening the airlocks on their ship so they die horribly.

Guns are not her thing, though if handed one she might point it at you, pull the trigger, and blow your brains out. Such a practical girl.


Half Orc, half Shag, he shaves to blend into the mass of humanity populating the galaxies. All he has ever wanted is to be wanted in return, to be loved and find a mate. But what hope of that when he's a rejected half-breed?

Like PREY, this book is not gritty uber-dark such as Cari Silverwood often writes. It is the pansy dark you reach for when you're all darked out and one step from seeing a therapist.

It's carnal, naughty, and very twisted, and not what your mother ever wanted you to read. Also, there may be some robots that go PEW PEW.

Prey (Dark Monster Fantasy Book 1)

by Cari Silverwood on 2018-05-28

To stay 'alive', a stoneshifter must make love to a female every ten years.

When Mila discovers her sister will be the next victim on Sacrifice Day, her normal reply would be, sorry, I'm busy.

After viewing ancient data and seeing the massive size of stoneshifters, Mila decides to rescue Tiana. Her sister is blood and she'd rather not see her tied to the sacrifice table and turned into jam.

Everything goes wrong, of course.

Lord Zarblu, stoneshifter and owner of the enormous black fortress looming over the city, turns his gaze upon Mila.

Like a giant cat with a teensy mouse, Zarblu plays with Mila. Catch...release...catch. Gentle and caring are words that no stone-beast monster should claim, surely?

Desiring something that might kill you is insane yet the sacrifice table begins to look attractive. Zarblu is a big, strong, determined male who's had a thousand, thousand years to contemplate life.

What if he isn't quite the monster she thought he was...
What if he wants her to be his sacrifice?

Warning: This is a very graphic and carnal story for those who love the fantasy of being caught by a monster.
This is not the normal level of dark that Cari Silverwood writes. This is the dark you reach for when you're all darked out and one step from seeing your therapist. Some of this story is FUN. Dark twisted fun, but fun nevertheless.

Branded Possession (The Machinery of Desire Book 3)

by Cari Silverwood on 2018-03-27

Humans are precious on Aerthe.
The Mekkers want humans, to sell them, to keep them as toys, to drain them of blood for Factor H, a nutrient they need to survive.
Except for Gio.
Gio killed the portal maker. Now she is to be broken by Ryke, the King’s Own Lawgiver, a hooded, scarred man who kills people as if they were insects underfoot.

She will pay for her sins with her body, spill her secrets, and sob out her misery on Ryke’s f***spears.

The man has his ways and no one has ever escaped being broken.

Clinging to hope, Gio prays she can still save her people.
But is there more to Ryke than torturer extraordinaire?
Deep in the Underdeck of the royal landship he and his new toy, Gio, will wrestle with secrets from his past and maybe, just maybe, discover a way for his despicable people to salvage what’s left of themselves and find peace on Aerthe.

Inspired by the Gor series by John Norman

This is a dark story with complete power exchange. If you don't understand where dark books can go this may not be the story for you.

The Steamwork Chronicles: Iron Dominance, Lust Plague, Steel Dominance - all three books in one volume

by Cari Silverwood on 2018-02-05

Awarded Best Erotic Steampunk ~ The Romance Reviews
"With electrodes, handcuffs, and airships, Cari Silverwood journeys beyond "steamy" in this blistering exploration of dominance and submission." ~ Meljean Brook, author of the Iron Seas series.

Raised from childhood as an assassin, Claire finds her world knocked off kilter when Theo Kevonis, a rich, ex-Air Corp nobleman, rescues her from an airship crash. Being a soldier of a hostile nation she cannot reveal her identity, but Theo sinks his steely Dom fingers into her heart and soul, showing her the pleasures to be found in surrendering to his touch. Captivated, Claire cannot help but bind herself in lie after lie rather than risk losing the one man who’s ever loved her.

When her loathsome commander returns from the dead, her deceit is uncovered. Somehow, Claire must find a way to win back Theo's trust and destroy the man who threatens them both.

Saving the world should be easier.

When airship captain Kaysana meets Sten, the last thing she wants is to have mad rough sex with him while restrained by ropes and clamps but fate pencils in their appointment. The lust plague strikes. From her infected crew, zombies arise.

With her ship gone, she must rely on Sten, a human clone, a man who has fought all his life to master himself. She despises his kind and detests Sten’s growing hold on her. Though he never takes no for an answer, surely it’s the plague that makes yes slip from her tongue like melted butter? Or should she blame her own traitorous heart?

Sten and Kaysana unlimber weapons, don goggles, and set a course for the origin of the plague. Yet their victory will be hollow if they cannot also solve the puzzle of their hearts.

A brilliant researcher, Sofia must unravel the ancient puzzle of the Clockwork Warrior or her career will be in tatters. Yet the tomb of the warrior is in the dangerous city of Byzantium, inside the harem of the Emperor. She knew she’d have to pose as a slave—but not that her “owner” would be the incredibly bossy, gorgeous bodyguard she’s been assigned.

A life of military duty has left Dankyo unprepared for Sofia. He’s never met a woman quite like this. She’s smart and beautiful, and she’s something that he’s finding almost irresistible—despite the way she fights against masquerading as his slave, she’s submissive right down to the bottom of her soul. And that’s bringing out every dominant instinct in his body.

But even as he realizes she’s captured his heart, the city explodes into madness. Surviving seems impossible. Can love and a Dom who will never give up overcome sheer bloody-minded evil?

Claimed Possession (The Machinery of Desire Book 2)

by Cari Silverwood on 2017-10-17

This is the story of Sawyer and Aribelle on the world of Aerthe.

When she first meets Sawyer, her fear of him makes Aribelle do something foolish – she orders her men to cut off his balls. This is not an auspicious beginning.

In spite of her castration notions, when a Scav warband comes calling he saves her life. Ex-special forces, calculating, and slow to anger, Sawyer is also slow to cool down. Aribelle has definitely riled him.

His plan: to rise above slavery, to become a big man in this strange new world, and to find his sister, Fern.

As for Aribelle, she owes him and he intends to cash in the debt. She’s his, no matter how she much she wriggles and squirms.

With war brewing, with a JI-mech almost dying at his feet, and with a girl to claim, things are about to get interesting for this one human man in a world of warriors, mechlings, and the landships of the Swathe.

This is a dark erotic story and may disturb some readers.

Acquired Possession (The Machinery of Desire Book 1)

by Cari Silverwood on 2017-07-23

The night Emery is taken she is reading emails in bed.
Aerthe, another world, the world of the Swathe, the moving cities of the Mekkers.

Blind on arrival and naked. No one touches her until the Mekkers decide humans aren’t people, and therefore can be bought and traded. The journey through the portal alters humans, shines them all pretty. Humans glimmer.

Emery’s bright hair and nails will forever mark her as alien. Her freedom is gone. Though her sight returns, she becomes a possession of House Oren.

But someone else wants to own her. The House Master, Mako, a man who uses whips and canes like most people use a knife - daily, with efficiency and casualness.

She vows to never give in.

Banned from marrying. Banned from having playing too intimately with the house possessions, Mako holds himself back.
He mustn’t. Shouldn’t. His job is to punish, to control, to keep the House in order.

But when Emery runs and takes with her a most dangerous war machine, one not seen since the Last Days of the War… Mako is the man they turn to.

To chase her down. To bring her back, lamed, dead, or mostly alive.

Inspired by the Gor series by John Norman.

Warning: This is a dark erotic story. If you don't understand where dark stories can go, this might not be for you.