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Wolf's Secret (Alpha's Hunger Book 2)

by Carina Wilder on 2018-09-27

By the time he started up the elevator again to bring us to the top of the building, my legs were shaking. I was spent. Exhausted. Destroyed. Yet I still wanted so, so much more...
Ariana is happier than she's ever been, and why wouldn't she be? After all, her lover, Tristan Wolfe, is incredible. A wealthy, powerful shifter, he's the most amazing man she's ever met.
The only problem? 
He's got a lot of secrets.
Then again, she has one or two of her own...
Will their pasts drive a wedge between them that keeps them apart forever, or can they overcome this last obstacle?

Wolf's Secret, the second book in the Alpha's Hunger Series, is 60,000 words long.