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Manny: Drakken Brotherhood, Book 3

by Carol Shaughnessy on 2017-10-28

Manny, book 3 of the Drakken Brotherhood finds the Drakken force still pursued by the evil doctor, while they continue to develop the skills and find their mates.

Manny is no closer to accepting the fact she’s Drakken. The burden of her past weighs her down, drags against her every advance. Now she’s fighting for her sanity. If she accepts her Drakken longing to be free, the mating flight is fraught with danger. Not for herself, but to the one she’s reluctant to admit she loves. Afraid that claiming her mate will cost him his life, Manny resists every urge of her Drakken to mate.

Dr. Emerson Laurel has upped the stakes. He’s taken the blood of the Brotherhood by force. His new project involves insemination two women who have delivered the next generation of Drakken. There are children involved now. The Brotherhood needs Manny and Rick united to defend the future of the Drakken.

Atlanta is a big city and Laurel has found the perfect hiding place for his laboratory and new recruits to help him with this latest endeavor. It’s up to the Brotherhood, with unexpected help from BJ, to find and defeat their enemy once and for all.