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Tamed (Saving the Species Book 2)

by Cassandra Carson on 2017-11-10

Book 2 of the Saving the Species Saga. After Earth is in ruins, one brave man is willing to give all of himself to the Queen of an alien planet in order to save humanity.

Hunter is on a mission. A mission to help restart Earth after a massive EMP and nuclear attack. All the aliens wanted was one healthy male. A male that was desperately needed to bring life back to the planet. If the human was successful, thousands of more healthy males would be sent to help procreate the planet. But the alien Queen, Jatara, has her own enemies lurking on the planet that try to put a stop to the plan. Will Hunter be able to successfully navigate his role in Jatara and Osirion’s marriage along with the threats of the other aliens on the planet? Will he be able to save the species?

Authors Note: This sci-fi romance contains some hot sex scenes including alien threesomes. If you are under 18 or not into hot and heavy romance, than this is not the series for you. Enjoy!

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