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The Edge of Night (The Fringes of the Universe Book 3)

by Cassandra Logan on 2017-08-24

On the fringes of the universe…

The world literally collapsed under Jutel, but Kisho was there to save her. Together they have to navigate an increasingly difficult political situation where everyone seems to know exactly what the planet Vende needs but no one can agree.

Coming to grips with her feelings for Kisho, Jutel wants nothing more than to survive so she can start a future with him. Kisho has no idea how she feels but knows that he is going to spend the rest of his life, no matter how long, trying to convince her they make a perfect team.

Together again, Jutel and Kisho, will need to survive a government coup and an emperor bent on their destruction before they’ll get to see if their relationship can work. Death lurks behind multiple corners though it’s not always as permanent as you would expect.

…anything can happen.

Disclaimer- This story has some graphic scenes and mild language.