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Arch Frenemies: Best Friends. Mortal Enemies. Its Complicated.

by Catalina Grayson on 2018-11-30

What is a hero supposed to do when her only healthy relationship is with her villian?For Galaxy Girl and Toxic, their entire lives mirrored in the grandiose rivalry of their fathers. Both playing their parts of arch enemies as the world expected of them; but what is unknown to the world is that behind the masks their lives are frequently isolated to everyone but each other. Galaxy Girl's often uncontrollable strength makes her a danger to fragile humans, and Toxic's radiation is deadly to almost everyone but her. Because of this, over the years, during their many epic battles, a strange bond was formed, one that made them neither friends nor enemies. But when a new and mysterious duo of villains blow into Stark City, fearlessly crossing onto Toxic's turf, and somehow managing to brutally murder Galaxy Girl, Toxic is left with little choice but to resurrect his foe and help her track down her killers in the most unusual way possible.