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The Guardian of the Golden Gateway (The Secrets of Dohrten Keep Book 2)

by Catherine Giguere on 2018-02-17

Book 2 of The Secrets of Dohrten Keep series

Life is too short for what if’s and what could be’s …
Life is what fate has written for us, heartache and love stories alike. We have to decide what is worth living for.

Kadance Dorsheen saved his sister’s life not only once, but twice. Now, he’s paying the consequences from the combined mischief of demigods, gods, goddesses, and fairy folk alike. Looking for a way home while also trying to woo his new companion might spell certain trouble for him.

Gwendolyn Fimmish moved to San Francisco to start over and begin her new life by opening a used bookstore by the name of The Second Quill. A helping hand in the form of an old gypsy woman is giving her the opportunity of a lifetime. Saving someone was not something she expected to do, but when push comes to shove, can she help herself by helping him?

Can love defy the odds before it is too late?