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Arriving Soon


Designation 261 (The Wholeness Project Book 2)

by Catherine Miller on 2019-04-19

He was alone. He had sent away his only allies, watched as they disappeared into the recesses of space, leaving him to finish what they had begun. To purge the galaxy of a great evil, that disguised itself behind a guise of help and the promise of fertility. The same Project that had made him into the twisted being he had become.
There was work to do, a purpose that was his own for the first time in his existence. He had no one to answer to, no one to dictate the course of his actions.
Until he met her.
He had not intended on taking a companion, especially one that worked for the facility he so despises.
But when she looked at him, when she asked for his help…
Everyone else would be purged. And she…
She would be the conscience he did not seem to possess.

Designation 932 (The Wholeness Project Book 1)

by Catherine Miller on 2018-05-29

He hadn’t been born.

He was made.

Made for obedience, made for violence, made to kill.

His captors made it clear since his creation that he was not a man, though he might resemble one in appearance. He was a weapon carefully crafted to perform, to execute each assignment with the skill and efficiency expected of him.

There was nothing particularly challenging about his latest mission. Nothing that should have given him pause. Except for a girl in a veil, with eyes that were a bit too silver, a bit too sharp, and a bit too knowing as she stared at him, his hand already ready to administer a lethal dose to an unsuspecting lordling.

He was used to the shadows, to being observed without actually being seen.

Except by her.

Thrall (Deridia Book 3)

by Catherine Miller on 2017-08-26


Ness had always tried to do as the masters told her, tried to fulfil her expected purpose within the time allowed. She was a thrall and nothing more. Every pain was a lesson, every hurt was for her betterment. And someday, perhaps, she could earn honour enough to serve the Narada in a household.

But when the masters tire of her repeated failures to produce the allotment required of her, she is chosen, not for the death she expects, but to serve as payment to a people she has never seen, whose ways are strange and utterly impossible for her to accept.

Taken in by a man who claims that he is not her new master, she is troubled when he does not comprehend the defective nature of the thrall he has been given, and how unworthy she is to be in his service.

And, perhaps even more concerning, his persistent belief that she is no slave at all.


The fingers at her chin were gentle as they coaxed her face upward. His fingers were thick and blunt at the ends, lacking in sharp claws or other obvious natural weaponry. But there was strength there as well, and she did not doubt how much harm he could inflict if he so chose.

He said nothing, only looked, and though it was difficult with him so close to her, she managed to keep from glancing up at his eyes directly. She would prefer not to be hit again by the master if she could at all help it.

“Well?” the master asked, his voice tinged with impatience. “Do we have an accord?”

“Olivar,” this Bendan entreated again. “We cannot possibly bring her with us.”

“Yes,” the man objected, rising to his feet. “We can. You may consider her a part of my share.”

He was going to take her? She would be... his?


(Please note that this is the second in the Third Series. While reading them in order is suggested, each novel can stand alone.)