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Lords of Arr'Carthian Box Set (English Edition) (German Edition)

by Cathy McAllister on 2018-03-21

Kidnapping Keela

Keela had never dreamt that she might one day be abducted by aliens and sold at an intergalactic slave market. When she is rescued by a tall, attractive alien and taken to his planet, her only wish is to return home. After all, she cannot possibly tie herself to a barbaric alien whose race thinks that a man can simply throw a woman over his shoulder and claim her for himself – even if this ‘Neanderthal’ does arouse feelings in her that she would never have believed possible.

Abziarr's unwilling Queen

Abziarr, King of the Arr’Verkuzzi, is coming to the palace of the Arr’Carthian to sign a peace treaty, when he meets the unusual earth female Susan. He recognizes her instantly as his mate, his queen, but in order to make her his he will have to abduct her and jeopardize the newly signed peace treaty.

Fighting Lory

FBI Agent Lory is beside herself when she wakes up in a small metal room to find that she has been abducted by aliens to be sold at a galactic slave market. She succeeds in escaping from the slave traders, but just as she thinks she has her return ticket to earth in her pocket a colossal alien comes along, determined to rescue her. Lory does not need a man to rescue her and most definitely not one who ignites an unimaginable flame in her body.

Farron's Rebellious Mate

When Farron sees Jenny for the first time, he is sure: she is his mate. He wants to win this beautiful girl's heart, but then something happens and he has only one choice: he has to make her his - even if she doesn't want him. Can she ever forgive him?

Charming Charly

Charly's worst nightmare seems to repeat itself, as she is captured by an alien who claims to only want to save. Once before she was abducted and raped, and her trust in men is zero. That her captor is a handsome charmer, does not mean that she is willing to trust him.

Seducing Amber

The first time that Amber first lays eyes on her good-looking rescuer, she feels an immediate attraction to him. Yet Amber knows that she doesn't have much longer to live. How can she let the man that she loves more than anything bind himself to her, knowing that he will soon lose her?