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Arriving Soon


Flicker (Phoenix in Flames Book 6)

by Catty Diva on 2018-04-06

Teresa was a human caught up with aliens. She’d escaped a world on the edge of Mazlan space with critical information that earned her a place on Oison. Flicker had been assigned to her and he was handsome and courteous. That wasn’t good enough when he made her panties melt.
Flicker was a tad irritated that he’d been out in charge of a human spy. Sure, she was beautiful and intelligent. He even felt a strong pull toward her but he wanted to get back on his ship where he could prove his worth.
Two confused people drawn together in an unusual situation. Will love grow or get stomped to death?

Tar (Phoenix in Flames Book 3)

by Catty Diva on 2018-01-25

He’d found the facility that was supplying all the labs. This would be the chance to shut it all down. His biggest problem getting the children out. That and the labs special project, Patty. He wasn’t even sure exactly what she was, but he was undeniably drawn to her.
She was a science project that wasn’t even thought of as a person, much less a woman. Now for the first time ever, a male had made her feel like a female. Could she help him safely bring the lab down so they could leave here together? If they did, would they even be able to have a future?