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Arriving Soon


Fight on Ceres

by CE Mirana on 2018-09-05

After another successful run, Malcolm Thorpe is offered a lucrative business deal. Turning it down will upset his work and life. Detective Singleton detests working next to the corrupt cops in her precinct. They will come together to do something about it.

Eternal Earth

by CE Mirana on 2018-05-05

Earth was supposed to be destroyed twenty years ago. Now an unwilling Jennica Bergh must pay for her mother's mistake and travel to the planet to finish what she started. There she meets Daniel Fiore, and she uncovers a truth that will change both of their worlds, eternally.

Virtual Battleship

by CE Mirana on 2018-05-01

In a war spiraling out of control the military is left with few options. One crew discovers the secret and finds their mission to be more than they bargained for.

Timeless Blue

by CE Mirana on 2018-05-01

It is a jarring, yet magical sight.

In this land where nothing grows, except the colossal white trees, fires burn blue in the hearth.

Only the poor woodcutters live there.

It is a land of Songs and Whispers.

Enor riders sometimes appear at dusk to a lone villager, to offer a trade - for Gold or Wisdom.

There is a boy, in one village, who should not be there. He is looking for their secret.

He is waiting for his own encounter.

The Civilization

by CE Mirana on 2018-04-29

Earth is a new addition to the galactic community due to the recent gift of hyperspace travel, but the few humans in space are making a big splash.

Simone Brown, a down on her luck, rookie bounty hunter has picked up the contract that could turn it all around for her. She finds herself on a collision course with the most notorious human in space, her ex-boyfriend. Hugh Rebeck, thief, rogue and all around cavalier, is on a mission. But nothing is ever as easy as he plans.

With Hugh in her sights and a secret society causing trouble, can Simone catch her prey and solve the mystery of the Society of Nemesis.