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Nabvan (Warriors of Milisaria) (A Sc-Fi Alien Abduction Romance)

by Celeste Raye on 2018-01-10

He was forced to guard the kidnapped human meant to be the king's wife,
but whose side was he really on?

Alexis Fisher wanted to work for NASA, but she wasn't treated as an equal due
to her young age and gender. In a desperate act of defiance, she became a mail
order bride for an alien species. On Arkani, a peaceful planet, there might have
been a chance to show her scientific skills. All bets were off when her spaceship
was captured by the warriors of Milisaria and the king chose her as a mate.

Nabvan was the king's second in command. He felt dishonored by the king's order
to act as a simple guard for the human female. Humans only interested him as
allies in war. But, this one began to get under his skin. She withstood cruelty and
pain in order to uphold her self-respect. In doing so, she gained his as well.

Alexis didn't want to marry the king. He had far too many concubines already.
Her defiance brought out King Shene's cruel side. He had her beaten and starved.
Nabvan couldn't afford to show his displeasure to the king, but he also couldn't
allow the human to suffer.

Would the mighty warrior defy his king for a mere human? Was Alexis worth
dying for?

This is the first book in the Warriors of Milisaria Standalone Series. All books in
this page-turning Sci-Fi Alien abduction romance series can be read as standalones,
there are no cliffhangers, and happily ever afters are guaranteed!

Note: Adults Only!