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Ezekiel (Cypress Hill Book 1)

by Charles Scott on 2018-10-01

Cypress Hill Series Book #1 Ezekiel

Take a journey into this story of love, lust, and betrayal. Experience the characters reactions to Ezekiel’s choices as they stimulate radical consequences for them all. Beware, for your emotions may run high, and at times you may find yourself lost for words while exploring the mindscape of Ezekiel. Consider now if you were Ezekiel, would you have made the choices he makes? Perhaps if you had the power like he to correct past mistakes, you would certainly try? Yes, I’m sure you would, however, do you truly believe you would be able to identify what mistakes need to be changed? Well, in this epic tale of life or death, myth or fact, Ezekiel faces his life’s choices and their consequences head-on. So, come now and embark with us on an eventful journey, to the other side.