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Arriving Soon


Old Promise: Shadows In The Dark (Volume 3)

by Charlie Sweeters on 2018-09-22

Having learned the truth about the Shade, Rayden feels his bond with him grow and intensify beyond anything he has ever experienced.

With the mystery surrounding the ruler of Eramus quickly unwinding as Rayden learns of the origins of the Shade’s civilization and the bitter past that clouds his view of the human race, the pieces begin to fit together and he comes to realize the motivation behind everything he has undergone over the past few days.

Although Rayden wants to return to his own world, the pull of the heart is too strong for him to depart without keeping an old promise.

Shade: Shadows In The Dark (Volume 2)

by Charlie Sweeters on 2018-09-22

His first encounter with the Shade having gone far better than expected, Rayden suspects that there is more to the ruler of Eramus than meets the eye.

The strange pull he feels towards the being is a source of confusion for Rayden as he can’t seem to get the Shade off his mind and yearns for him.

However, with the daunting obstacles he must overcome before he can grow closer to the Shade looming before him, Rayden must keep his focus on the task at hand if he is to emerge victorious and solve the mysteries of the alien planet and its ruler.

Eramus: Shadows In The Dark (Volume 1)

by Charlie Sweeters on 2018-09-22

Rayden crash lands on Eramus, a strange planet of which not much is known, and he is rescued by a group of strangers who take him to safety – or so he thinks.

When those whom he had assumed were his saviors turn out to be his captors for reasons that are a culmination of years of animosity between his own race and theirs, Rayden realizes that he will have to fight for his life if he is to find his freedom.

This, however, is easier said than done as he is faced with a potentially deadly challenge in which his contender is none other than the Shade, the mysterious and powerful ruler of the planet.