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Arriving Soon


At His Service

by Cherry Nova on 2017-07-06

The only way to save my family is to give my body to a tyrant.

The desperate but innocent girl.

Sabrina Whitman was once a snotty little rich girl used to living life in all its luxury. That is, until her Wall Street tycoon father went to prison for ripping off his clients for billions of dollars. Now she lives in a seedy apartment with her drunken mother. She's lonely and hopeless.

The dark and mysterious bad boy.

Wyatt Cross is a Wall Street bad boy. He's ruthless and only follows his own rules. Perfectly groomed dark hair, bulging muscles, eyes that can burn your soul. He's powerful but he has one major weakness. His pleasure can only come from giving others pain.

The Deal: total obedience and submission.

Sabrina: "My heart tells me this is too dangerous, but my body tells me I need him inside it. He says it's going to hurt. He says his needs are extreme. God, help me."

Wyatt: "I have to her. She's innocent and untouched. Beautiful. If she gives into all my dark desires, I'll get her father out of jail and save her family.


All characters are 18 or over. For mature readers.