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Savage Planet Cyborg

by Cheyenne Hart on 2017-07-15

Simone is a top doctor, but that requires emotional detachment. Having lost the person closest to her, she jumped at the chance to be a crew member on The New Horizon, the first ship to venture into deep space. She never wanted to get attached again. At least, before being rescued by a hot alien cyborg warrior.

Jaxxon has been in deep sleep more times than he can remember. He doesn’t even know who he was in his previous life. They say he's ancient technology, built before the savage planet of Lustrya fell into a new primitive age. This time, his mission is simple: stop a gang of dangerous criminals. But when he lays eyes on the beautiful female doctor from earth, he lets the bad guys get the upper hand.

Now they're trapped underground, prisoners of a deranged trio of aliens and their unstable robot. Being locked up together in a dangerous situation is enough to get anyone's blood pumping--but could it lead to unplanned intimacy? Possibly even love?

WARNING: This fast-paced book contains steamy love scenes, deadly and exciting alien locations, a hunky alien who’s half machine with privates that'll remind you of a sex toy, and a story of passion between a strong minded Earth woman and a HOT cyborg who's out of this world.

This is the third release in a fresh sci-fi romance series. Each new book is a standalone story, featuring characters from The New Horizon space ship who find themselves stuck on a distant world. Is it possible to find love on a savage alien planet? Find out now!