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Republic of Wisdomia

by Chirajit Paul on 2018-06-19

A ship carrying a group of scientists wrecked in the Indian Ocean and washed ashore in an undiscovered island. The gifted men and their families started a civilization in the uninhabited land which they fondly named Republic of Wisdomia. There they continued their pursuit for excellence in science under a mutually decided stringent social order. The citizens were immunized against ‘unnecessary’ emotions like love and compassion, while virtues like pride and sense of duty were invigorated. Within a couple of decades of its formation, Republic of Wisdomia became the most scientifically advanced nation in the world, and soon the first world became envious of its intellectual treasures. The allied forces, on the pretext of relieving its people from the oppressive regime, thrust a war upon Wisdomia which they resisted bravely for ten long years. At a time when fatigue started to get the better of morale, and resources started to fall scarce, Sara - the president’s granddaughter, and Adhrit - son of a soldier slain at war, rediscovered the tabooed emotion and fell in love; and Republic of Wisdomia faced a dual crisis – external and internal.

Will Sara and Adhrit be able to realize their love?
Will Republic of Wisdomia get to win the war?
Does the first world carry a default right on anything that is precious?

From the author of The Fragrance of Rose, Sea of Kashmir and The Man, the Ghost, and the Proposition of God comes Republic of Wisdomia – a short novel cutting across multiple genres – Utopian fiction, Science fiction and Romance.