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The Symbiote Revolution: A Symbiont Wars Boxed Set

by Chogan Swan on 2018-12-08

Blood-sucking alien meets data scientist -- it's love at first byte! 

Tiana is a humanoid-symbiont warrior. Her mission is to wipe out the deadly remnant of the parasitic tyrants who've fled across the galactic core to Earth ... alas, they look and act almost exactly like the top 1% of the wealthiest humans. 
She needs help ... and an occasional sip of blood. 

Jonah is a data scientist--a systems thinker developing a disruptive model that will revolutionize human government and finally enable a fair human society ... alas, no one will listen.
He needs help ... and his blood's iron level needs adjusting. 

If they can't find a way to fight the parasites, Earth's last gasp won't be far behind. Mother Nature is already wheezing. 

Praise for the Symbiont Wars:
5 Stars! What a great find! "Avatar" and "Master and Commander" combined into one.
5 Stars! First Contact Like No Other! I could not believe how great this book is! I picked it because of the tail but it turned out that that wasn't the best part of the story.
5 Stars! Spellbinding! I loved part 1 and part 2 was even better. More wonderful characters, people you get to know and care about. Thrilling action and heart wrenching drama. Can't wait to get the next one!

If Avatar was a guilty pleasure for you, then you'll love this collection of the original first  books in the Symbiont Wars Saga and a bonus novelette.
(Because this eBook includes No Longer Aliens, Time Burning and Portal of Choice at 30% below retail!)
If you know there is more going on behind the scenes on Earth than most people think 
(or if you love to imagine it) this book is for you. 

Warnings! Parts of this story contain graphic adult situations.

Reading the first chapters with the 'Look inside' feature can lead to addictive behavior. Go ahead... we dare you.