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Daughters of Venus Books 1-3, The Full Story

by Chris Genovese on 2018-02-12

In a post-apocalyptic world where women are a rarity and most men have gone mad in their attempt to claim what is left of them, one group of women has established the Dove, a mountain community in Boulder Colorado where women are put on a pedestal and treated like goddesses. This book takes all three stories from the series and puts them together in one book.

In The Trouble with Three Husbands, book one, Lauren is one of the Original Seven, but how can she help lead this lady-supreme compound if she can't control her own home? You see, the trouble with three husbands is sometimes you kinda want four.

The Trouble with Virgins, book two, finds Jessica turning eighteen and male suitors lining up for a crack at being one of her fellows. With trouble brewing at the bottom of the mountain, Jessica has to figure out how to juggle both her longing to become a respected Dove with her hunger for naughty pleasure.The trouble with virgins is sometimes they have an insatiable appetite.

In The Trouble with Twins, book three, Sienna, one of the Original Seven members of the Daughters of Venus, is losing faith in what her community stands for. War is on its way and the Venenum are ready to attack at any moment. Should Sienna listen to her twin sister and remain peaceful while a storm is brewing at the bottom of the mountain? Or should she stand up and fight alongside Pikeā€”the one man in the community she wishes above all else would wrap her in his arms and worship her like the Dove she is?

With the full story, find out if Lauren, Jessica, or Sienna will find their happily ever after.