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The Krinar Chronicles: Krinar Savage (Kindle Worlds Novella)

by Chris Roxboro on 2018-02-14

Savich has been exiled from Krinar civilization for almost a thousand years. When some trouble with the human Resistance kicks up, his old friend Kumar calls him in to help. He possesses a skill set that could prove useful in dealing with the cagey Resistance fighters holed up in remote British Columbia.

Savich agrees to help Kumar, but he hits a snag when he stumbles across a human captive in dire need of rescue. She's been brutally assaulted and is giving up on life. He has the technology and patience to heal her, but according to the Krinar, he's a savage. And everyone knows a savage can never be tamed. He knows he can protect her from the cruel abusers that held her prisoner, but he's not sure he can save her from himself.

This book contains language and graphic sex as well as possible rape triggers. If you don't mind an Alpha male taking charge in bed and out, if you want your heroine to be plucky but in peril, if you want bad guys to get their violent comeuppance, then this book is definitely for you. 18+ audience recommended.