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Arriving Soon


Dark Chaos - Book 5 (Dark World)

by Chrissy Peebles on 2017-09-29

This is book 5, and the conclusion of this series.

Things take more of a science fiction spin as Casey and Mike board a mothership to save Jack, and disable a powerful weapon that will destroy every human being in the world. A group of aliens bent on revenge plan to live on Earth and start a new life...once all mankind is wiped out.

Can Casey save the ones that she loves?

Dark Chaos - Book 2 (Dark World Series)

by Chrissy Peebles on 2017-09-28

This is book 2.

Casey, Jack, and Mike fight to stay alive in a world they do not understand. With danger lurking around every corner, how can they possibly get back home? Banding together to get answers, they decide to hike through the jungle to the mysterious glass city. Will this be their downfall or their salvation?