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Alpha's Desire (Alpha Omega Force Book 1)

by Christa Tomlinson on 2019-01-20

An Alpha Yearning for His Chosen Mate
Star Officer Tony Alvarez protects his galaxy along with the rest of the 29th Star Squadron. But deep space can be lonely, and Tony longs to share his love and passion with a mate. Many omegas would jump at the chance to bond with the virile alpha. But Tony desires only one, his best friend, and the one man he can’t have.

An Omega Newly Awakened to Passion
When it comes to mating, Star Officer Rashan Grove doesn’t trust alphas. He’s repressed his omega nature for years, choosing instead to focus on his career as an elite fighter pilot. Now that he’s experiencing his first heat in a decade, he turns to the alpha who has always been by his side for help.

With a gentle touch and passionate embrace, Tony guides Rashan through nights of passion hotter than an exploding star. Unfortunately, when the heat clears, Rashan retreats behind a wall built from lifelong fears. How will Tony convince Rashan to embrace the bond between them before their shot at love is lost to the stars?

Alpha’s Desire is a steamy non-shifter/non-MPreg omegaverse romance set in the distant future. It has mechs, hot sex, and space battles. If you love space opera, anime, and romance you'll want to give this series a try!