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Slave of Love

by Christien Venter on 2017-10-21

For 18-year-old Cariché Viljoen her worse nightmare comes true when she’s sold as a sex-slave to the ruthless ruler of the alien planet, Kritos.
Finding out that Keil is not only here new master and as such she must obey his every demand, regardless of how impossible it was but also that he chooses her to bear his child and heir and that she’s only allowed to get pregnant once is a great shock.
“First of all I will damn well do as I please with you. I am your master, I brought you, I own you. You have no rights what so ever. If I want to look at you I will, whenever and whenever I want to, if I want you as a plaything, I will play with you. You will bear my child and you will stay here!”
How will she survive under the rule of this ruthless dominant male? Will she live to see her child grow up? Or will she be send away after the baby is born?