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The Machine of My Dreams: A Marvel of Speculative Fiction

by Christopher Lovejoy on 2018-09-04

The Machine of My Dreams: A Marvel of Speculative Fiction [21,600 words]

Christos has a story to tell that you might find rather hard to believe. A male friend of his told him about how he fell for a woman made of silicone, plastics, and carbon fibers.

I know, sounds like he ate one too many bananas, right?

But hear me out because your future might depend on it.

Anyway, Christos took a leap of faith and leased his own synthetic woman on a trial basis, and you know what? She exceeded expectations ... and then some.

Over the span of a few days, they talked for hours about all sorts of things, like living forever and getting a new body for Christos ~ I mean, what could be more strange than that?

To be honest, he wasn't sure if he could ever fall in love with her, but something happened, something he never would have expected, and ... well, you'll have to read the story to find out what.

Just scroll up and click to buy and get a taste of some edgy romance from the future.

And if you're feeling it, download my companion guide to the novel. It's a quick read, it's packed with information about the coming AI revolution, and it'll boost your appreciation of my novel.


The Machine of My Dreams is a futuristic novel with commentary that explores the limits of machine intelligence in an intimate relationship between an organic being and a synthetic person.

Christos gets more than he bargains for after he takes on Sophia, a sophisticated embodiment of machine intelligence in the form of a woman with a very adaptable mind at the heart of desire.

The Machine of My Dreams includes commentary on films that inspired the writing of this story.

This is the author’s first published novel on a public platform.