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Hunter Green: Ghost Planet (Obsidian Rim Book 9)

by CJ Cade on 2019-08-27

He'll do anything to get a lovely thief and her deadly pursuers off his planet. She'll do anything to stay.

Lukas Verde is out to wrest a fortune from the Obsidian Rim. With only a skeleton crew and ragtag tech, he's claimed territory on the unsettled planet Vorona.

There he'll build a kingdom giving the Rim what it craves--real food.

But Lukas and his people soon realize they are far from alone. There's a reason this lush, verdant planet has never been settled by humans. It' already home to terrifying beings legends say are malevolent spirits.

As if ghosts aren't enough, Lukas has a new problem--a small female with the strange ability to control the very vegetation on Vorona.

And then there are the deadly beings on her trail.

Pleiades Jones didn't mean to steal the mysterious treasure aboard the great ship Flora del Sol. But she can't part with it now--so she's on the run from those who will kill to get it back.

To stay alive, she jumps ship on Vorona. Too bad the powerful leader of the only human settlement doesn't want her there.

Will Lukas Verde turn her over to her executioners... or will he set her free in the one place she feels at home, the Ghost Planet?

StarShadow (The Great Space Race Book 1)

by CJ Cade on 2017-11-20

This Tygress is in a race for her life… in more ways than one.

Tygean Mia Jag has grown up in the shadow of her famous older brother. But in Octiron's Great Space Race, she sees a chance to prove herself a space navigator as talented as he.

Partnered with a stranger to make the difficult and dangerous race in an unknown star system? No problem--she'll simply use her Tyger charm to beguile her partner into doing things her way, and her Tyger senses to guide them to a sure win.

But when her partner for the race is announced, her plans are sucked into a black hole.

Instead of one of the more easily managed races, her partner is from one of the most feared and little known--an Aurelian. Ferocious and warlike, they rule their isolated quadrant of the stars without mercy, refusing to join the InterGalactic Alliance or allow diplomatic missions to cross their borders.

And Aurelian Prince D’Arek A’Renoq looks like he could give lessons in laying waste to opponents--starting with her.

Worst of all, she'd probably enjoy it.