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Purity: Book Four of the Hypernaturals (Includes the short story 'Baby')

by CJ Stevens on 2019-01-17

William is dead. The Conclave is a bad memory. Rachel has healed and returned to New York without Helen. Morgan has turned out to not be a standard issue Vampire, but things seem to be settling down, as Jessica's pregnancy enters its last few months.
Nothing in Adrian's life seems to be able to stay low key, as Morgan discovers that Vampires are more broadly known than Vampires know about or would like. Worse, one of the groups who is aware of the Vampires is a group named the 'Human Purity Alliance', and they hate Vampires with a dark and deadly passion.
Vampires can't get pregnant. Everyone knows that. All Jessica's power and love are useless in the face of what would happen if anyone, human or Vampire, discover her impending motherhood.
The HPA have knowledge of Adrian, but it is not clear how much, and if they are after him or not. Morgan, Angel, and Vera devise a scheme to find out where the HPA are, and what they know about Adrian.
Adrian just wants to stay at home and enjoy Jessica's last trimester, but the world has other plans for him.

Includes the short story 'Baby'

Conclave: Book 3 of The Hypernaturals

by CJ Stevens on 2018-09-12

The entire Vampire world is now aware that the Sirens are back. The ages ago attempt by the Vampires to wipe them out failed, and the Sirens have returned in force.
The Sirens plans for revenge went awry when they inserted Adrian, and by extension, Helen and Jessica into their plans.
An out-of-cycle Vampire Conclave has been called to discuss the Sirens, and the new things that Adrian has brought to light about them. It will be the largest Conclave in recent memory and attended by Vampires from the world over. While the Conclave is about what Adrian has done in many ways, this does not mean that Adrian has fans all across Vampiredom. He is still a male Vampire, and many are afraid of him, and for all the old reasons. As Siren Liaison, he is suddenly the most powerful male Vampire since the fabled King, and he is not trusted by many.
When the Conclave is shattered by new threats, Helen, Jessica, Adrian, Rachel, and their human friend, Private Investigator Morgan Olsen have to deal with it head on or have everything they have worked for turn into the Armageddon they fear. The end of the Vampire species.

Siren Song: Book 2 of The Hypernaturals

by CJ Stevens on 2018-07-30

Jessica, Helen, and Adrian are focused on getting on with life. They have dealt with the drug lords, and Hypno'ed their troublesome police officer into forgetting about them.
Adrian has to stay out of trouble with the North American Vampire Council for another year and a half to get past his probation and be allowed to live.
Family will be gathering at Casa De Gato for the holidays, and Jessica thinks her worst problem is whether Adrian's parents will like her in part because she is secretly twice their age.
Then it all goes sideways.
Helen is kicked off Adrians probation subcommittee and replaced by another older Vampire that has history with Helen. Helen worries about how this will affect her standing as the youngest member ever of the North American Council and worst how it might affect Adrian's chances at life.
Helen, Jessica, and Adrian find out that this is the least of their problems when the Sirens appear to shake up the entire Vampire world, and they start with Adrian. The Vampires thought they had wiped out the Sirens in prehistory. For the Sirens, their rules are old school: An eye for an eye. They were not wiped out. The Sirens are back, in force, and they are angry. Adrian is just a test of a larger plan to expose the Vampires to the humans and return the favor from millennium ago.
The Vampire Secret is sacred to the Vampire race, and nothing can endanger that. Now family is coming for the holidays, the Secret is in danger of getting out to the humans, the house has been trashed by the Sirens as an opening salvo in a new war with the Vampires, and fixing everything falls upon the three that thought all their troubles were over.
They are just getting started.

Naked Came The Vampire: Book One of the Hypernaturals

by CJ Stevens on 2018-07-17

When Adrian meets Jessica, he is utterly devastated by her. He has never met anyone like her

He has no idea how true that is.

Soon he is dragged into another world. A world hidden in plain sight by a people that will kill to keep their secret, and that who have a specialized hit squad just for that task.

Vampires are real. They are not magic. They evolved to be the Apex predator upon those who think they are the Apex predator. Vampires are few. They are old. They are powerful. For the most part, they are women.

In the secret world of the Vampire’s, Adrian is a second-class citizen, and his entering that world means he has to keep the secret of their existence or die.

Unfortunately for him, that won't be that easy, as he is the target of a literally insanely jealous person who has their sights set on Jessica. Their deranged desire for her risks exposure of everything.

Adrian has more than just psychotic stalkers to deal with. Jessica’s occasional lover Helen has no use for him either, and would just as soon see him dead. Helen is over five-hundred years old and is on the Vampire Council. She is rich, powerful, and in love with the same woman Adrian is.

The Hypernaturals: Naked Came The Vampire is book one of a new series. Book 2, Siren Song, will be available in the summer (if you are in the northern hemisphere) of 2018.