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Odium VI: The Dead Saga (Odium The Dead Saga Book 6)

by Claire C. Riley on 2018-10-29

Book six in the heart-racing post-apocalyptic series, Odium! People will do anything to survive!

In the sixth book of the Dead Saga series, Nina is fighting more than just her demons; she’s waging war upon evil, because the greatest enemy now isn’t the deaders—it’s humans.

Determined to eradicate the Savages from earth, Nina must settle an age-old argument and bring together mortal enemies. Because it’s more than just their own survival at risk now…it’s everyone’s.

Running blindly toward danger is what Nina does best—only this time her eyes are wide open. She knows the risks, but she also knows that time is running out for Mikey; the Savages are hungry, and they’ll only play with their food for so long.
Nina must eventually make the choice between love and survival, because in a world gone mad, you can’t have both, and no matter how much you want to stay, sometimes it’s easier to say goodbye.