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Institute of Rebels (The Lost and Betrayed Book 1)

by Clara Hartley on 2019-05-03

My past keeps me guarded, but I must take risks for my future.

I hid behind the name of Stace, and I lived in the slums of the Republic of Nations. The gangs here constantly engaged in gunfights. I’d gotten used to them. In fact, I’m great at them. Mostly, I kept to myself and listened to orders. It left people out of my skin and I excelled at being alone.

I hadn’t noticed that in my time here, I’d let someone in.

But in a raid carried out by the militia, I’m captured and torn away from that someone.

My captors tell me I’m one of them—a Rebellia. A force of underdogs that exists solely to serve our rulers. I’m sent to their institute to train and become one of their special forces. They’ve grouped me with two of their most elite trainers.
I’m afraid of them.

Not because they might hurt me physically.

But because they might make me fall in love and I don’t want to.

Institute of Rebels is the first book in the Lost and Betrayed series. It is a medium burn reverse harem story that contains mature themes, such as strong language, violence, and sexual situations.