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The Stranger I Fell In Love With

by Clarissa Moran on 2017-09-05

A very handsome Alien seeking for true love!

Alien On Duty + Dangerously Sexy BBW + A Mating Prophecy =Sizzling Hot Alien Romance


***The Stranger I Fell In Love With***
“I have to say that I got a little scared and skeptical of what was about to happen. The way Avery put it, I was sure that it would be something serious and grave. I wanted to freeze that moment and stay in it rather than know what was about to follow. But, I knew it was important. Avery had a secret and he wanted to trust me with it.”
Madeline knew that Avery had a secret. When she had moved into a new apartment in LA, she had no clue that her roommate Avery would become such a significant part of her life. Read this sexy alien romance story where Madeline would discover her talent and one true love.

WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.